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Documentary "Expedição Solar" Breaks New Audience Record with 1.5 million viewers on TV Record alone

The documentary “Expedição Solar” is making a significant impact, with 1.5 million viewers on TV Record and PlayPlus alone.

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The series, which explores the energy transition in several countries, aims to raise awareness about clean and renewable energy alternatives. And the news is even more promising: it is estimated to reach 22 million viewers with the launch on important streaming platforms, such as Amazon Prime, Apple TV and Google Play. Furthermore, the documentary is being distributed to 63 countries and a date has already been set for the start of filming for the second season.

The success of the “Solar Expedition” lies in its innovative approach. The series visits seven countries, including Brazil, to understand how the energy transition is fundamental to ensuring the security of our planet. The series director, Ricardo Honório, shared his experience recording in important nations for this transition, such as the United States, Germany, United Arab Emirates, China, Japan, Australia and, of course, Brazil. This experience provided incredible knowledge about the actions underway to ensure a safe future for the next generations.

Clean energy, coming from alternative sources to conventional oil and gas, offers incredible opportunities for social development and contributes to decarbonization. The “Solar Expedition” inspires us to embrace renewable energy and work together to build a cleaner, more prosperous world.

The energy transition is crucial to the sustainable future of our planet. It involves switching from polluting energy sources, such as oil and coal, to clean and renewable sources, such as solar, wind and hydroelectric power. Here are some reasons why this transition is so important:

Reducing Carbon Emissions: Clean energy produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions, helping to combat climate change.

Energy Security: By relying less on fossil fuels, countries can ensure a stable and secure energy supply.

Sustainable Development: Renewable energy promotes economic growth, creates jobs and improves quality of life.

Preservation of Natural Resources: The energy transition protects ecosystems and reduces the exploitation of non-renewable resources.

Technological Innovation: Investing in clean energy drives research and development of more efficient technologies.

In short, the energy transition is an essential journey towards a cleaner, safer and more prosperous future for all.

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