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Heterojunction Technology Driving Lower LCOE for Solar Plant Development, Huasun Presents TaiyangNews Conference

TaiyangNews Conference

Christian asserts that more efficient and reliable PV modules can significantly cut costs. Furthermore, taking a long-term perspective is crucial, with a focus on overall module performance throughout their lifecycle. These factors are pivotal in applying module products to large-scale projects and play a vital role in overcoming barriers to their development.

heterojunction modules boast remarkable energy

As the future mainstream PV product, heterojunction modules boast remarkable energy yield capabilities, especially noteworthy in large-scale plant applications. More electricity generation translates to fewer modules required, effectively managing costs associated with land, transportation, and installation. By leveraging the inherent advantages of heterojunction technology and refining module manufacturing processes continuously, Huasun module achieves bifacial yields as high as 85%, offering greater gains in electricity generation compared to others.

PV technology, heterojunction

With ongoing advancements in PV technology, heterojunction stands out as the optimal platform technology, poised to provide superior solutions for the development of large-scale PV plants. This promises to inject more vitality and momentum into the global clean energy industry.

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