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Huasun Announces 500MW High-Efficiency HJT Modules Procurement Deal in Partnership with Balkan Solar Project Developer

Por Huasun Solar

Huasun, Matthew Jin
Huasun, Matthew Jin

Huasun, in partnership with a leading solar project developer based in the Balkans, has finalized a substantial procurement agreement for 500MW of high-efficiency heterojunction (HJT) modules on March 11th. The signing ceremony, attended by Huasun's Vice President, Matthew Jin, signifies a strategic move to bolster sustainable energy initiatives.

As per the terms of the agreement, Huasun is set to supply 500MW of its cutting-edge Himalaya G12-132 high-efficiency HJT modules. This collaboration underscores Huasun's commitment to delivering state-of-the-art solar solutions on a global scale.

Being a pivotal hub for energy interconnection within the Belt and Road Initiative, the Balkans boast abundant solar resources and immense development potential. This agreement signifies the growing adoption of Huasun high-efficiency HJT products in the region. Notably, Huasun recently inked a 3GW supply pact with a prominent European solar project investor, slated to introduce the Everest G12R Series HJT rectangular modules to the Balkan Peninsula in 2024.

Huasun’s robust production and delivery capabilities of 700W+ modules, coupled with their exceptional energy yield performance and sterling reputation, have garnered favor from customers worldwide. The Himalaya G12-132, a flagship product of Huasun, integrates HJT innovation with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, enhancing the module’s performance and reliability to new heights, thus earning its status as a standout product among Huasun G12 series offerings.

Huasun Announces 500MW High-Efficiency HJT Modules
Huasun Announces 500MW High-Efficiency HJT Modules

To date, Huasun has delivered over 4GW HJT products to more than 40 countries and regions. Capitalizing on this agreement, Huasun remains committed to advancing energy development and infrastructure in the Balkans, contributing to the region’s sustainable and eco-friendly progress alongside local partners.

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