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Huasun Expands Heterojunction Partnerships with European Allies at Intersolar Germany 2024

At the Intersolar Europe 2024, Huasun Energy garnered significant industry attention due to its remarkable innovation and technical prowess. During the exhibition, Huasun effectively showcased its latest technological advancements and state-of-the-art heterojunction (HJT) solar products, while also fostering stronger partnerships with global collaborators. Through collaborative efforts, Huasun aimed to drive forward the thriving growth of the new energy sector.

As a company deeply engaged in the international market, Huasun proactively executes a comprehensive global strategy. In recent years, Huasun has been expanding its global presence, leveraging its exceptional quality and capabilities to establish an extensive network of collaborations with partners worldwide. At the Intersolar Europe 2024, Huasun recognized the exemplary performance of distributors such as Feedgy from France, Enerpoint s.r.l., Lux s.r.l., and OGT Solar from Italy, as well as Akusolar and Solidsun from the Czech Republic, by awarding them the prestigious "Authorized Distributor" title. This recognition serves as a testament to Huasun's reputation and influence within the global market.

Since the beginning of this year, Huasun has been collaborating with Feedgy, a renowned energy solution provider in France, to jointly develop the HS-B96 AgriPV HJT semi-transparent module. This module has demonstrated exceptional performance, including a high bifaciality of up to 90%, 39% transparency, and a 33% photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) transmission rate. As a result, it excels in the realm of photovoltaic greenhouses by significantly enhancing the utilization of sunlight resources. The HS-B96 AgriPV module not only safeguards optimal crop growth but also ingeniously converts direct sunlight into softer, diffused light, thereby providing crops with a more efficient and gentle lighting environment.

Image Credit: Feedgy
Image Credit: Feedgy

During this exhibition, Huasun engaged in comprehensive technical discussions and extensive dialogue regarding potential collaborations with numerous partners, earning unanimous acclaim for its HJT wafers, cells, and modules. Global distribution partners have expressed their wholehearted support for Huasun's European business expansion, further bolstering Huasun's resolve and confidence in promoting heterojunction products on a global scale. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and cooperation, Huasun will continue to forge alliances with partners, working together to create a transformative era in green energy development.

Huasun Expands Heterojunction Partnerships
Huasun Expands Heterojunction Partnerships

Furthermore, Huasun had entered into a strategic collaboration with Smart Güneş Teknolojileri, a prominent solar technology company based in Turkey. Since its establishment in Istanbul in 2014, Smart Güneş Teknolojileri has been dedicated to advancing global decarbonization efforts and achieving a sustainable future through innovation and scientific advancements. In light of the increasing global focus on clean energy and sustainable development, Huasun and Smart Güneş Teknolojileri will engage in comprehensive cooperation in terms of the supply of equipment, technology research and development, project construction, and operation and maintenance. By fostering this cooperation, both parties anticipate not only swift business growth but also a positive contribution to the worldwide energy transition and sustainable development endeavors.

While the conclusion of Intersolar Europe 2024 marks a successful milestone, the transformative wave of green energy propelled by Huasun's HJT technology remains resolute and irrepressible. Looking ahead, Huasun will persistently broaden its international perspective, establishing an extensive communication platform and actively engaging with global partners. Upholding the principles of equality, mutual benefit, long-term cooperation, and shared development, Huasun will leverage its technological expertise and market advantages along with partners' strengths, to significantly contribute to the global energy transformation and sustainable development.

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