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Huasun Heterojunction Solar Cells Achieve Record-breaking Efficiency of 26.5% in Mass Production

In a significant milestone, Huasun G12R and G12 heterojunction (HJT) solar cells have achieved remarkable average efficiencies of 26.01% and 26.15%, with peak efficiencies hitting 26.41% and 26.50% respectively in mass production line. This achievement firmly cements Huasun's position as a leader in the industrialization of HJT technology. The breakthrough not only underscores the technological strides made in mass production efficiency for Huasun HJT solar cells but also highlights the immense potential of HJT technology.


This efficiency surge is attributed to state-of-the-art texturing processes, HJT 3.0 bifacial microcrystalline technology, and the adoption of efficient yet cost-effective target materials. Leveraging cutting-edge zero busbar (0BB) module technology and silver-coated copper paste with low-silver-content, Huasun G12R and G12 cells have reached unprecedented levels of efficiency yet minimized the cost. Furthermore, the power output in mass production of Huasun’s 210R-132 dual-glass HJT pv modules has surpassed the 640W threshold.

Amidst ongoing industry evolution, Huasun remains steadfast in its commitment to innovative research and large-scale production of HJT technology. By pushing the boundaries with advanced technology and adhering to rigorous standards, Huasun aims to provide customers with PV products and solutions that are high-efficiency, high-power, high-reliability, contributing to the high-energy-yield, low-BOS and low-LCOE for solar projects.

This breakthrough heralds the full-fledged arrival of Huasun G12R and G12 HJT cells into the "26% + era". With its stellar performance and unwavering commitment to quality, Huasun continues to lead the charge in enhancing HJT efficiency. By driving efficient development in PV industry, Huasun aims to contribute significantly to the achievement of global zero carbon goal. 

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