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Huasun Secures Position on BNEF’s Tier 1 PV Module Maker List for 2Q 2024

On May 23, Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) released its latest rankings for Tier 1 PV Module Makers in the second quarter of 2024. Huasun Energy, distinguished by its effective and reliable heterojunction (HJT) products, robust brand reputation, and formidable financial ability, has reaffirmed its position within the Tier 1 classification under more stringent criteria.

BNEF's Tier 1 PV module manufacturer ranking stands as one of the most esteemed and authoritative assessments within the industry, evaluating aspects such as product quality assurance, success in government project tenders, support from financial institutions, among others. The revised criteria for Tier 1 status mandate that PV module suppliers must have supplied their own branded products to a minimum of six distinct projects exceeding 5MW each over the past two years and have secured non-recourse financing from at least six different commercial banks, excluding development banks or Export-Import banks.

Notably, Huasun stands out as the sole  photovoltaic manufacturer within the listing by virtue of full HJT projects. This underscores Huasun's focused dedication and expertise in advancing HJT technology, while also signifying the international acclaim bestowed upon Huasun's efficient HJT modules and the industrialization progress by reputable professional evaluators.

All projects submitted by Huasun for Tier 1 application exclusively feature the utilization of its Himalaya Series HJT modules, underscoring the superior performance of HJT technology and the unwavering trust bestowed by global clientele. As of 2024, Huasun has supplied about 5GW of high-efficiency HJT products to more than 40 countries and regions worldwide, including China, Bulgaria, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and Tunisia.Ensuring sustained customer satisfaction, Huasun consistently delivers superior quality and service. Concurrently, Huasun remains committed to eco-conscious principles, having reduced the carbon footprint of its G10-144 module to 366.12g/W CO₂e, thereby contributing to global carbon reduction initiatives.

As a frontrunner in the industrialization of HJT technology, Huasun has successfully established four production bases in Xuancheng and Hefei, located in China’s Anhui Province, as well as in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, and Dali, Yunnan Province. This forms a vertically integrated industrial chain encompassing silicon wafers, cells, and modules, with an annual capacity of 20GW, firmly establishing itself as a leader in HJT production capabilities.

Continuing to delve into the potentials of n-type HJT technology, Huasun has solidified its Tier 1 position, reaffirming its steadfast dedication to technological advancement and extensive manufacturing capabilities. Moving forward, Huasun pledges to maintain vigilance over market trends, serving the global clients with cutting-edge products and top-tier services. In doing so, it aims to propel the photovoltaic sector to the forefront of global energy provision, thereby fostering the transition towards a greener, zero-carbon future.

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