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Huasun Signs Agreement with Leascend for Acquisition of 1GW Heterojunction Solar Cells

On April 11th, Anhui Huasun Energy Co., Ltd. (Huasun) and Leascend Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. (Leascend) joined forces to chart a grand blueprint for heterojunction technology (HJT) in the photovoltaic industry. Tommy Xu, Senior Vice President, Vice President Matthew Jin of Huasun, and Xuan Tang, Executive Vice President of Leascend, signed the strategic cooperation agreement regarding cells and silicon wafers. Furthermore, there will be deep cooperation in HJT module development and support Leascend’s expansion into the end-market, marking the establishment of a profound cooperation relationship between the two parties in the HJT field.

According to the agreement, Huasun will purchase 1GW of high-efficiency HJT cells from Leascend and supply 180 million pieces of 210 n-type monocrystalline silicon wafers (half-cut). Through this deep cooperation, both parties aim to jointly promote the extensive application of HJT cells in the market. This move will not only further promote the integration and technological upgrading of the HJT industry chain but also accelerate the dual breakthrough of industrialization and marketization of HJT technology.

HJT, as the focal point of the next-generation mainstream technology route in the photovoltaic industry, outlines broad development prospects and infinite possibilities with its outstanding characteristics as the third-generation photovoltaic cell. Against the backdrop of photovoltaic enterprises’ continuous pursuit of cost reduction and efficiency improvement, HJT cells, with significant advantages such as high conversion efficiency, low degradation, simplified processes, and a clear cost reduction path, precisely align with industry development trends and are expected to lead the next generation of solar cell technology trends, ushering in another technological revolution in the photovoltaic industry.

Starting with the 1GW heterojunction project, Huasun and Leascend will collaborate to promote technological innovation and industrial upgrading in the photovoltaic field. In the future, both parties will leverage their respective core strengths to broaden and deepen the HJT industry track, innovate industry synergy in technology research and development, business models, and other aspects, providing global customers with more comprehensive and advanced new energy solutions.

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