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Huasun Solar Revoluciona o Setor with Heterojunção HJT Photovoltaic Modules

Updated: Apr 1

Huasun Solar, a leading company in photovoltaic technology, is making a significant impact on the market with its line of Heterojunção HJT modules. These modules best combine two worlds of crystalline silicon technology and thin amorphous silicon films, resulting in exceptional performance and impressive efficiency.

Everest G12R and Himalaya G12 Series Modules

1. Everest G12R Series

The modules of the Everest G12R series are the ones you want in Huasun at the moment.

They offer us:

Maximum Power of 640W: These modules are truly giants in terms of power, allowing the photovoltaic systems to generate energy more efficiently.

Maximum Conversation Efficiency of 23,7%: High efficiency guarantees that every ray of sunlight is used to the maximum.

2. Himalaya G12 Series

The Himalaya G12 series also deserves highlighting:

Exceptional Performance: With a maximum power of 750.54 W and conversion efficiency of 24.16%, these modules are ideal for large-scale solar projects.

Durability and Reliability: The double glass design and EPE-based encapsulant, together with the PIB sealing, make these modules resistant to water, fire and corrosion.

Why is HJT Technology Revolutionary?

Heterojunção HJT technology combines two worlds best:

Excellent Absorption and Passivation: HJT cells possess excellent light absorption and passivation effects, resulting in high efficiency.

Next Generation Platform: The HJT modules represent the next generation of solar cell technology, driving conversion rates and energy output to record levels.

Huasun Solar pioneered this technology and delivered more than 4 GW of HJT products to more than 40 countries around the world. With a 15-year product warranty and a 30-year linear power warranty, these modules are a reliable choice for long-term solar projects.

Heterojunction HJT technology offers several significant differences:

Exceptional Efficiency: HJT cells best combine two worlds of crystalline silicon and two thin films of amorphous silicon. This results in impressive conversion efficiency, allowing the HJT modules to use sunlight more efficiently.

High Absorption: HJT cells have excellent light absorption capacity, which means they capture more photons and generate more electricity.

Efficient Passivation: HJT technology also offers superior passivation, reducing the effects of charge recombination and improving overall efficiency.

Duplo Glass Design: HJT modules generally have a double glass design, providing greater durability and resistance to adverse weather conditions.

Low Operating Temperature: HJT technology is less temperature sensitive, which means that these modules maintain high performance even in hot climates.

Long Lifespan: With 15-year product warranties and 30-year linear power warranties, HJT modules are a reliable choice for long-term solar projects.

Huasun Solar is at the forefront of technology, delivering high quality HJT products for projects all over the world. To learn more, visit the company's official site: Huasun Solar.

To learn more about Huasun's HJT modules, visit the company's official site: Huasun Solar1.

Note: This article was based on information available at the time of publication.

1: Huasun: HJT Solar Module & HJT Solar Cell Manufacturer


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