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Investments in solar energy value property by up to 10% and are a great ally to ESG practices

According to Fox ESS, photovoltaic systems reduce monthly electricity costs by up to 90%

Launch: H1 Series - single-phase hybrid inverter
Launch: H1 Series - single-phase hybrid inverter

São Paulo, March 2024 – Investing in renewable energy has not only been a good option for the consumer's pocket but also in increasing the value of the property and complying with the guidelines of ESG practices.

According to studies by the Brazilian Association of Photovoltaic Solar Energy (Absolar), when adopting a photovoltaic system, a property can increase in value by up to 10% compared to what is sold on the market. “In addition to adding value to the home, electricity expenses can be reduced by up to 90% monthly”, highlights Robson Meira, Country Manager Brazil at Fox ESS. But it is important to remember that this reduction is not immediate.

“There is an initial cost for installing the entire system, but the expected return on this investment, in a residential distributed generation system, is approximately five years. This is the time needed for the installation cost to pay off and start making a profit,” he explains.

Investments in solar energy value property by up to 10% and are a great ally to ESG practices
Investments in solar energy value property by up to 10% and are a great ally to ESG practices

New horizons for Fox ESS in 2024 – For the global leader in the development of inverters and energy storage solutions, the year 2024 promises to be very promising.

“Our strategic plan for this year is challenging. We want to expand our operations in the Brazilian market, mainly in the North, Northeast and Central-West regions, with a focus on residences and agribusiness. To meet this objective, we are investing around 400 thousand reais in expanding the Repair Center in Cotia (SP), in addition to bringing new technologies in hybrid inverters, lithium batteries, chargers for electric vehicles and opening an office in São Paulo scheduled for the second semester”, highlights executive Robson.

Fox ESS has just launched a series of single-phase hybrid inverters
Fox ESS has just launched a series of single-phase hybrid inverters

Hybrid inverter launches – Fox ESS has just launched a series of single-phase hybrid inverters models H1 (3~ 6 kW) and K (7~10.5kW) and three-phase inverters H3 (5~12kW) and H3-PRO (15~ 30kW). Three-phase systems can work with up to 10 units simultaneously, making it possible to obtain even larger connected hybrid systems.

These inverters offer several advantages such as: supplying energy even if there is a power outage in the distribution network; reduction of electricity costs; generation of solar energy credits to reduce electricity bills and energy independence through batteries to power the home.

They are equipment that adds flexibility to the project, minimizes cabling and infrastructure costs, among others, in addition to their robustness that provides the highest performance, even under extreme environmental conditions, such as heat, cold or dust. The inverters are equipped with a series of protections to guarantee both the safety of internal components and connected equipment, which include: protection against reverse polarity DC (Direct Current), short circuits and overvoltage AC (Alternating Current), overheating and anti- islanding; insulation and residual current monitoring.

As they provide a lower start-up voltage, it facilitates the start of energy production earlier in the day or in non-ideal lighting conditions due to fog or rain, which increases effective operation time and enhances energy generation throughout the day.

The logical electronic system - better known as MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) - of these inverters has the ability to adjust to a wide range of input voltages of the photovoltaic arrays, obtaining better use of the solar generation that affects the photovoltaic panels. The battery charging and discharging capacity attests to the inverter’s efficiency in managing energy storage.

There was a power outage, what now? The inclusion of an EPS output (Emergency Power Supply, in Portuguese) allows the connection of an auxiliary board dedicated to critical loads. In the event of an electrical power failure, these essential loads are automatically powered by the battery bank, ensuring a reliable and uninterrupted power source for essential equipment, such as security, emergency lighting and medical equipment, for example.

Hand in hand with sustainable practices – ESG practices and renewable energy are intrinsically linked. Check out some important points:

Environmental (E) – Renewable energy, such as solar, wind, and hydropower, is considered a clean, sustainable energy source that significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and minimizes environmental impact compared to fossil fuels. Since 2012, the system has reduced the emission of 47.7 million tons of CO2 in electricity generation. The solar source represented 36 GW of energy generation, which means around 16% in the electrical matrix, with an expectation of 45.5 GW for 2024.

Social (S) – The adoption of renewable energy can have positive social impacts, such as creating local jobs in the installation, maintenance, and operation of renewable energy. Since its creation in 2012, the renewable energy system has generated more than 1.1 million new jobs.

Governance (G) – Good governance practices are essential to the renewable energy sector, including transparency in operations, regulatory compliance, efficient resource management, and corporate responsibility. Market data indicate that the solar source has already brought Brazil more than R$189.3 billion in new investments and more than R$51.6 billion in revenue to public coffers.


Founded in 2019, Fox ESS is a global leader in developing high-quality, high-performance inverters and energy storage solutions. It belongs to the Tsingshan Group, considered the world's largest producer of stainless steel, in addition to being in the Fortune Global 500 ranking. It employs more than 150,000 people worldwide and generated annual sales of US$55 billion in 2022.

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