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INVT, participates in the 22nd Distributed Generation Forum

Updated: Mar 12

Solar TV had the opportunity to talk to the INVT Solar team here in Brazil during the 22nd edition of the Distributed Generation Forum , which took place in São Paulo.

INVT Solar is a professional solar inverter manufacturer and an international high-tech company. Founded in 2015, it is recognized in important markets, such as the North American, Asian and European markets. The company mainly offers photovoltaic inverter solutions and energy storage systems for commercial, industrial and residential applications. Furthermore, INVT Solar is a global reference in solar energy and is among the top ten brands in China. Its reputation is due to innovation, quality and commitment to new technologies. Its products include grid-connected inverters , off-grid inverters , energy storage inverters and smart home solutions .

The company's participation in the 22nd Distributed Energy Generation Forum reinforces its commitment to strengthening the energy transition through smart solutions for the generation of clean and renewable energy .

INVT Solar has several research and development centers and focuses on innovation in the new energy market.

The energy market needs to accelerate its commitment to completely transforming the world's electricity system . It is essential to invest efforts in modernizing the electrical grid, advancing electromobility and completely abandoning the use of non-renewable energy , such as coal and oil.

Companies like INVT Solar play an extremely important role in ensuring an affordable, inclusive and decentralized energy future, where every consumer can benefit by generating their own energy.

Follow the interviews held at the GD Forum to learn more about the INVT Solar Brasil team.

Activate subtitles and translation on YouTube and participate in the INVT Solar Technologies Discussion Forum .

Steven Zhao - Diretor INVT Solar

Nicole Tian - Country Manager

Lucia Z. - Key Account Manager

Kelly Penteado - Gerente de Marketing Brasil


Anderson Hausmann- Gerente Comercial Brasil


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