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SolarView launches Smart Meter Home, the energy consultant's meter

Driven by a trajectory of more than a decade full of innovation and technological advances in the solar scenario, SolarView always stands out for launching revolutionary products every year. And the year 2024 couldn't be any different!

Last Thursday, March 28, 2024, in a live broadcast on Instagram, SolarView surprised the solar market by revealing its latest solution: the Smart Meter Home, aimed especially at residential applications.

Compared to the previous version, Smart Meter 3.0
Compared to the previous version, Smart Meter 3.0

The SolarView Smart Meter is much more than a simple energy meter. It is a versatile and powerful tool, capable of adapting to different situations, both before and after the sale. In the pre-sales phase, it is essential to understand the consumer profile and create tailored photovoltaic proposals, becoming a true competitive differentiator. In the post-sales phase, it is essential to clarify doubts, monitor self-consumption, analyze the energy bill and even audit consumption records.

Compared to the previous version, Smart Meter 3.0, Smart Meter Home presents a series of evolutions. The first highlight is the compact design, with two smaller current transformers, specially designed for reduced spaces, such as residential electrical panels. This means it can be easily integrated into smaller projects without compromising efficiency or cost-benefit. The new version is much more economical, in addition to being two-phase 220V.

Roger Santos, marketing and sales director at SolarView, emphasizes that Smart Meter Home is a real lever to boost sales of residential photovoltaic projects: "It is the perfect gateway to establishing a personalized connection with the customer from the first contact, building a solid relationship based on trust and transparency".

Roger highlights: "As the market evolves
Roger highlights: "As the market evolves

Furthermore, Smart Meter Home enables integrators to stay up to date with constant market changes. As Roger highlights: "As the market evolves, integrators must position themselves as energy consultants, offering personalized solutions according to the specific needs of each client. Smart Meter Home is the essential tool for this new role, especially in the residential context ".

Want to know more about this news? Click on this link to access all information about the Smart Meter Home SolarView and also take advantage of the special launch conditions.

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